Monday, 14 September 2009

Withered Hand - Good News

I think that I have just played the album of the year. Well, I think that it will be pretty hard to beat in this house anyway. Not one ok track, all ten are first rate. It is so good that I played it again straight after.

The album consist of 8 tracks written by Dan Willson and 2 covers. It is dark in places but also very funny and clever. Willson has a knack with lyrics and the religious themes are apparent on a few of the tracks. Some of my favourite lines being " Diss me I don't mind, bad lucker , It's much cooler to be kind, So let's get trashed on tonic wine" which you should know from I Am Nothing off of the Religious Songs which I posted a while back.

Every discerning music lover should own this album. It can be purchased here.

Withered Hand - Takeaway Food.

From the ep, I'm not posting anything from the album, just buy it.

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a Tart said...

oooh i'm sooo jealous!!! mine's in the post and i've not heard it yet! very exciting :) xoxo