Monday 31 August 2009

Touched By The Hand Of God VII

It has been over a month since Mr Weatherall featured on this blog. So let's start off the week with one of his best remixes from 1992, a year in which he did brilliant remixes for the likes of Future Sound Of London with the spacey Papua New Guinea, Galliano's Skunk Funk and West In Motion for Bumble amongst others.

We are concerned with Weatherall's Weekender where he takes an already funky hymn to hedonism, Weekender, by a bunch of chancers from Camden Town and stretches it out with 2 mixes clocking in at 15:30 and 17:10 respectively.

I have friends who are not that partial to these remixes but I have yet to hear a compelling argument against them.

Flowered Up - Weekender (Audrey is A Little Bit More Partial)

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drew said...

The original was, I posted it a couple of months back with the film, a condensed Quadrophenia for the Ecstacy Generation. It pretty much nails what it was like.