Sunday, 27 September 2009

Real Estate

A few weeks ago I had the Beta Band scene experience in Mono in Glasgow. I've meant to post the track for weeks but never got round to it but I feel that it may be about the right time to post as I already have a happy glow about me which may be the result of being at a christening, thanks S & S and baby C or the couple of gins I've had since, probably a combination of both.

The first time I heard this song I got a warm contented feeling which hasn't really subsided on numerous subsequent plays. The band hail from New Jersey and that is about all I know about them apart from the fact that I love this understated reverb drenched track.

Real Estate - Fake Blues


allo allo said...
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Davy H said...

Almost as good as the Belle & Sebastian scene.

drew said...

While looking for this I came across a deleted scene, the bit in the book where he goes to see the rare singles that the scorned wife is trying to sell off. I have often debated with myself if I could have taken them if offered to me, too feckin' right I would have.

Does this make me a bad person?

After all he was stupid enough to leave the records, they couldn't have meant that much to him.

drew said...

What happened to Allo Allo then?

Davy H said...

S/he will say eet only waance.