Friday 11 September 2009

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

With the imminent release of a new ep (05/10) from Massive Attack I thought that I would post one of the few remixes of one of the singles which I think is better than the original, excluding the Mad Professor's mixes which are separate entities in their own right.

The single Risingson was released in 1997, was the lead single from the 3rd album Mezzanine and came as a lovely clear vinyl ltd 12". This track was a sampler for the change in direction of Massive Attack on the third album, the tracks are a lot darker and the whole album is enveloped with a feeling of menace.

An absolutely essential album as all Massive Attack are. Once you eventually get to hear the latest album all gripes about the length of time it has taken them to release it dissolve and you realis that it takes time to come up with something as good as what you are immersed in.

The version posted is the Underworld mix.

Massive Attack - Risingson ( Underworld Mix)

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