Thursday, 10 September 2009

Go On Girl

How about a bit of hip-hop from one of the original female MCs, Roxanne Shante. Shante appeared on the scene at the age of 14 with the track Roxanne's Revenge, a retort to UTFO's track Roxanne, Roxanne, which started a beef with the group who released a record with Adelaida Martinez assuming the role of the Real Roxanne which brought the group and Shante to public attention and made her a hip hop face.

She has a very distinctive vocal and was renowned for her free styling. She released 2 albums Bad Sister and The Bitch Is Back. The track posted, Go On Girl was a single in 1988 and which reached the dizzy heights of number 55 in the UK.

Roxanne Shante - Go On Girl


Davy H said...

Keepin' it real bro, lovin' that old skool, etc.

drew said...

Yo D! nothing better than an old school joint.

Davy H said...

Innit though? Sweet as.