Monday 23 November 2020

Monday's Long Song


This was supposed to be posted on the 25th October on Keeping It Peel Day but to my shame I forgot all about it. Feel So Sad was first released as a track on Jason Pierce's side of the final Spaceman 3 album Recurring but came into it's own when it was rerecorded and release as the second Spiritualized single and especially on the extremely extended extremely chilled Rhapsodies version on the a-side of the 12" single which I have posted on here more than once. This version as you may have suspected due to when I was going to post it was one of the tracks in the first of the two sessions that Spiritualized recorded for the John Peel Show which was recorded 21/01/95 and was broadcast on 14/03/92 This version is a bit more upbeat that the 12" single version and is just the thing for a Monday morning.

As I am in a good mood I have also included the outtake version from the Peel Session which was available on the Friendly Fire cd which could be purchased from Will Carruthers in 2006  This was not included as it was exactly the same as the Peel session version when I listened to them both together

Spiritualized - Feel So Sad (Peel Session) 


keepingitpeel said...

Glad you remembered now.

Brian said...

I wonder if your mood has anything to do with the beating Forfar took at the hands (well, not hands, but you know what I mean) of your beloved Diamonds. Nice song today. I missed Keeping It Peel as well. Shameful.