Friday 13 November 2020

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance (In A Socially Distant Manner)

 Here's a belter of a Garage track from twenty six years ago, although it does not sound that old to me. I Miss You is the first track on Joey Musaphia first volume of his Cover Up series. The vocal sample is nicked from I Miss You by Juliet Roberts.

In football news, Leo and I watched one of the finest Airdrie performances for quite some time on Saturday when the Diamonds gubbed Clyde five nothing, from the comfort of the living room. It was quite infuriating really as I missed the first three, distracted by other things and of course as like being at the game Diamonds TV does not do action replays and so I had to wait until the highlights were available to see them. The team were on fire on Saturday, however it was back to default in the cup against Edinburgh City on Wednesday night going down one nil to the visitors. Tomorrow they take on Livingston away in the same cup and I'm hoping that they can get something out of it.

Have a good weekend and stay safe people.

Joey Musaphia - I Miss You 


Anonymous said...

To be honest Drew I was expecting the 12" of Baccara's Yes Sir, I Can Boogie this morning! Maybe you're saving for Monday's Long Song?


Charity Chic said...

Superb Gareth!

drew said...

Now there is an idea Gareth

Brian said...

Another tough one today, I see. Forfar should look pretty good to the lads next weekend.

drew said...

Yip Bri, the boys took a beating at the weekend. Max's first away game was against Livy.