Monday 16 November 2020

Monday's Long Song

 An apt song for the start of the week from the Danish proggers Papir, released on the ever excellent El Paraiso records. Not really much more to add this morning.

Papir - Monday 


The Swede said...

The El Paraiso imprint really is a trade mark of quality isn't it? In fact I'm waiting for the new Causa Sui LP on that very label to arrive as we speak. I've only got a couple of the more recent Papir albums digitally, but would like to track down physical copies one of these days if funds allow. This tune is absolutely terrific...and titled. The band don't seem to do that anymore, so I'm guessing it's a bit older. I feel a purchase coming on.

drew said...

The new album from Causa Sui is great, however a bit of a departure as the tunes are all around the 5 minute mark only two lengthy tracks.

Good to have you back Swede