Monday 17 October 2016

So Is The Sun

A bit of psychedelic soul, very Sly & the Family Stone(y)and a bit of a stomper for you this Monday morning. If this sounds familiar to Jam fans, Trans Europe Express from the Gift owes more than a small debt to World Column and if not given writing credits alongside Paul Weller, Boller, Kaplan and Johnson bloody well ought to. So In The Sun was released on the Capital label in 1969 and was big in Black pool, Cleethorpes and Wigan in 1976.

The World Column - So Is The Sun


The Swede said...

Hadn't heard this before - terrific.

Simon said...

This was on the 2nd Kent compilation of Northern tunes I bought back in the 80s. Right Back Where We Started From was the comp title I think.

Yup, here tis:

Nobody But Me by The Human Beinz too, which is still one of my favourite things by anybody.

Brian said...

Wow! I would call that a liberal lift by Weller. Can't really blame him. So good.

Swiss Adam said...

v v good.

JC said...

OMG....another obscure track that turned into a song by Paul was bad enough listening to these!