Friday 20 November 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Today's track is probably second only to At The River by Groove Armada in it's inclusion on the Now !That's What I Call Ibiza Chillout  and The Greatest Balearic Navel Gazing Classics type compilations. This is not to say that the record is not good, it is an amazing track and in the context of 1990 was new and fresh. Just the sort of thing to listen to when you were contemplating a night out clubbing or even better with a great big spliff in that post club blissful comedown.

A Man Called Adam are now synonymous with that Balearic vibe due to tracks like Estelle and The Easter Song. Barefoot in The Head was the track that made people sit up and take notice of them, there had been a few releases prior to this including a couple on Acid Jazz which were in the same sort of vein as the rest of the Acid Jazz output but by the time of BITH, the sound had changed, the previous single was a bit more Housey and Barefoot keeps that vibe but manages to instill a laid back feel even though the bpms are still high enough to dance to. The spoken word sample comes from Rod McCuen and is lifted form the track The Gypsy Camp by the San Sebastian Strings. Paul Daley and Sally Rodgers from the band can be seen and heard on A Short Film About Chilling, both of whom look completely "chilled".

This weekend I will be mostly building an ark, if this rain keeps up.

Have a good weekend people.

A Man Called Adam - Barefoot In The Head


George said...

Drew, what's happening at the Song By Toad website today?

Swiss Adam said...

Brilliant record. Good luck with the ark- pick us up if you drift this way.

drew said...

Not sure George, sent him a message but I think he's oblivious to it.

I will SA.

Anonymous said...

That's a bit of a mess over at Song by Toad.
Swiss Adam