Sunday 29 November 2015

Mellow Sunday

The Orb was interesting last night. The music was great however both Stiff and I were wishing for armchairs and pots of tea. Ninety minutes is a bit long for two guys,  one looking into a laptop and the other twiddling with knobs to hold anyone's attention.

I love this song,  absolutely sod all to do with the Orb though.

Catherine Feeny - Radar


Jake Sniper said...

Before going out to the Art School to see Luke Vibert last night, we were round at a friends house and what does one of our friends pulls out a bottle of Olde English!

drew said...

Did you enjoy it Jake?

George said...

You can't get decent tea round here. Enjoyed the song Drew.

Jake Sniper said...

yeah it was a good night, Vibert played a mixed bag(but that's the way I like it) all very up for it, a nice bit of acid hip hop. Both me & Mrs Sniper enjoyed it and the crowd were more our age, so didn't feel too old.