Sunday 8 November 2015

Mellow Sunday

I spent a few  hours last night in the company of my nephew, the first kid I ever looked after on my own when he was just four weeks old and I had been up all night celebrating the Labour victory in 1997. He survived and has grown into a well rounded young adult with a love for good dance music. Compared to the other people I know of his age his taste in music is pretty good and we have agreed on a night out at Weatherall's ALFOS in Glasgow on 12th December.

Today's track is probably not everybody's idea of a mellow Sunday tune but once upon a time this is the kind of thing that I would have put on while making the breakfast on the sabbath prior to going to the pub and I suspect that if Lewis knew what it was he would blast this out also.

Glasgow Underground - Stella Sunday (Idjut Boys Sarbeni mix)

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