Friday 27 November 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

We're at the penultimate track from A Short Film About Chilling and the track is a belter. Hoomba Hoomba by Voice of Africa is a slowed down and blissed out version of a track from the mid 80s by Jasper Van't Hoof, a Dutch Jazz pianist apparently. I have used "blissed out" on more than one ocassion in regards to tracks from this programme, lazy I know but I can't think of a better term. I had this on an absolutely stonking tape that my mate Colin's pal in Oban made him up which was filled with things like this,  Never Get Out of The Boat and other down tempo tunes just right for the early hours of the morning. It took the internet and Discogs for me to eventually get my hands on a vinyl copy.

Talking of blissed out tunes I'm off to see The Orb on Saturday night, it will be twenty years since the last time I saw Dr Alex Paterson live. Jesus!

Have a good weekend people.

Voice Of Africa - Hoomba Hoomba


Anonymous said...

interested to know how you find the Orb, as it's perhaps 20 years since I last saw them.

Luca said...

Voice Of Africa was actually Severo Lombardoni, who also produced Paradiso's 'Here We Go Again', which you posted a while ago. The 15-minute version of Jasper Van't Hof's original tune is a fave of mine and strangely I've heard it on Italian radio way more than the Voice Of Africa cover.

drew said...

Thanks for the info Luca.

I will let you know Ctel. Not sure it will be the same straight.