Thursday 5 November 2015

Children of Leir

Do you fancy some "Motornik drive, mystical horror influenced, psychedelic folk-pop"?

No I didn't think so but that's what your getting. The music sounds a lot better and less up it's arse than that description. Children of Leir are a duo from Leicester who have been making drone or psych rock together for the past three years and  have released a single. an  album and a four track limited 12" single.  the last of which has been mastered by Sonic Boom, so you can hazard a guess at what they sound like. I lap this kind of stuff up

Children of Leir - Drowning In Fear


The Swede said...

Good to see this name cropping up. I bought the album earlier in the year on spec, after hearing just one track. It's a very good early Sabbath/Hawkwind/Motorik inspired racket.

Anonymous said...

'kin 'ell! It's Stu's band!


Swiss Adam said...

I like that.