Thursday 12 November 2015

What The F**k Is Happening To Me!

I got this on 12" single the other week so it's not for download as it is still available for sale. It's a bit gothic I can hear a lot of the Banshees and other vampire styled bands which  would normally put me right off but I think that the Dan Carey production which is in a similar vein to the stuff he has done with Sexwitch and Toy makes it so appealing. It has had a fair amount of deck time recently.

What is slightly more troubling than my turning to the dark side is that on Monday on a whim,  while strolling back towards Waverley Station I popped into Fopp and bought 1989 by Taylor Swift. I may still have been drunk as L and I were in Edinburgh for an overnight on Sunday but I doubt it due to the price of beer in Stockbridge! Anyway, I have to admit that it is now stuck to the turntable, it's magic except for Bad Blood which is a bit meh. I really do like this album, not in some ironic hipster way I think it is very well crafted pop music.  Until a few weeks ago I knew who Ms Swift was  due to her removing her music from Spotify which I rather approved of  but had never knowingly listened to any of her music, then I heard Ryan Adams version of Shake It Off which sent me to the original which I think is absolutely fantastic. I asked L if she had heard of her and she told me that she had bought 1989 on cd and had played it a few times but I was obviously not listening.

By the way, Max is totally embarrassed and I also think disappointed as he thinks "Swift is crap".

I'm not sure I should have confessed to either of those things.

Pumarosa - Priestess


Charity Chic said...

Your son is getting to thestagewhen he is embarassed by his old man's choice of music.Fantastic!

Anto said...

To quote the Big Lebowski which you spoke of a few weeks back, 'Dude, Please!'

Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

Who are you and what have you done with Drew.

Bovril said...

i bought this my my 7 year old for her birthday and it has been on a lot in the car. very good pop. the ryan adams stands up well as a piece of work in its own right, which says something both of him and the original.

Swiss Adam said...

The Pumarosa track is very good. I haven't heard the T Swizzle album - what I hear on the radio sounds like well above average pop. But I approve of this post entirely. Good work. Challenge expectations and all that.