Saturday 21 November 2015

Boy's Own Recordings - The Twelves BOIX 10

The tenth release on my favourite label of 1992 was the second in a row by One Dove and this did not disappoint. Unlike Fallen, Transient Truth was new to me and so my only thought before buying this one Thursday in 1992 from Dub II in Glasgow was, it can't possible live up to the promise of Fallen and of course it didn't but it came damn close. That great big dubby bassline, the squelchy bits and Dot's ever so sexy breathy vocals just the thing for the post club wind down or any other time really. The record once again was produced by Weatherall and his Sabres of Paradise muckers Jagz, and Gary Burns. The 12" also contained a further two mixes of the song the Old Toys mix and The Old Toys dub.

Sabres of Paradise - Transient Truth 
Sabres of Paradise - Transient Truth (Old Toys mix)
Sabres of Paradise - Transient Truth (Old Toys dub)

For years I had heard of a further 12" remix of this single with more mixes by the Sabres of Paradise but it took until 2007/2008 before this was confirmed and not just a fable. This came courtesy of STX and his excellent, sadly no longer with us blog Audio.Out where he posted all four of the mixes. These mixes were more squarely aimed at the dance floor than the versions on the original single and were quite lengthy ranging from six and a bit minutes to over ten. It took a further couple of years before I took the plunge and paid the forty quid asking price for a copy of the 12" on Discogs and then one drunken night I saw another copy for half that price that I decided to buy as well. I am unsure of the thinking behind this purchase but it was probably perfectly sound reasoning at the time. This copy has gone to a good home where it is loved and cherished I'm sure.

Sabres of Paradise - Transient Truth (Paradise mix)
Sabres of Paradise - Transient Truth (Death Of A Disco Dancer)
Sabres of Paradise - Transient Truth (Fuzz dub)
Sabres of Paradise - Transient Truth (Squelch mix)


Anonymous said...

The wonderful One Dove and the equally wonderful audio.out. Sad really.

Anonymous said...

What Ted said.
And the 12 is loved and cherished indeed.
Swiss Adam

Walter said...

Great song and tremendous mixes. Love it.