Monday 5 October 2015

You Don't Love Me

I was out on the scooter yesterday for which I think may be the final time this year, it being a bit baltic an' all. When I was out it got me thinking back to when I was eighteen until about twenty one when this was the only form of transport I had and I would be out riding it in all weathers going to work. There was one extremely scary day when I was caught in a blizzard on the A8 going to Stepps one morning. The last ten miles or so being completed at about 10 miles per hour with my feet down most of the way. The scooter was left in one of the containers that night and a lift home arranged with my father, Bit I digress,

Today's bit of soul was a big favourite on the scooter scene when I was a lad ad just missed out in being included in my northern top fifty feature a wee while ago. It also features at number 7 in Kev Roberts original Northern Soul All Time Top 500. I didn't know that much about this record and after consulting the above tome Kev didn't appear to know much more, he suspected that it was a "blue eyed" soul song, So I dug a little deeper, well typed the group's name and title into the search engine as you do and voila the true story of the record can be found here. This song was huge in Wigan and was first played covered up as being by Moses Smith in early 1974.

The Epitome of Sound - You Don't Love Me


Simon said...

It is a good tune, but I've heard it too much. And for me it lacks a certain spark. Dunno, it's like the idea of a good Northern tune, without the actual heart. When I compare it to my faves it just doesn't get me as excited.

Anonymous said...

The appeal of this song, for me, comes from often hearing it on my boss's Northern Soul tapes, which played all day in our shop. (Some of the best times in my life!) Thanks for the link to additional information about the group.