Thursday 1 October 2015

That's A Bit Indie Dance

During my extended weekend last week I got a chance to really listen to stuff that I have had for ages but have had only given the most perfunctory of listens along with the Sexwitch album which I can thoroughly recommend. One such record is The Time and Space Dub Machine mixes of the Australian psychedelic duo Jagwar Ma from spring last year. This is a sprawling 5 track ep of music that transports you back to the time when "Indie Dance" was the music genre of choice and I could be found either in a field or a warehouse on a good weekend. The pick of the bunch is the Levitational mix of The Throw.

Jagwar Ma - The Throw (Levitational mix)


The Swede said...

I'm looking forward to hearing the Sexwitch LP. Their session on 6Music earlier this week was very good indeed. Toy can do little wrong in my eyes.

Swiss Adam said...

You're dead right about the Sexwitch album- very impressive.

Echorich said...

Richard Norris never disappoints me and having his multiple guises on a track as remixer is always an invitation to listen.