Friday 30 October 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

We're about two thirds of the way through the track listing to Channel 4's film about Ibiza 90 and of the seven left two have been featured here once before, one I don't have and the one I'm going to feature today I don't particularly like that much in it's original form,  the remixes I can listen to even though they are very much of their time. SA over at the Bagging Area just last week in a post on the Farm remarked that Spartacus was one of the most disappointing albums that he had ever heard. I on the other hand wasn't disappointed due to fact that I didn't have much of an expectation in the first place. I really liked the cover of Stepping Stone but Groovy Train left me cold. That's not exactly right, something about the track irritated me, still does and to this day I can't put my finger on what but it's probably the lyrics or Peter Hooton's delivery on it or both. I can narrow it down that far as I don't mind the Rocky & Diesel mix which virtually eliminates the vocal track. This is the mix I'm going to post which isn't the onethat features in the film but still you all probably have the original anyway.

In the film there is scene where the members of the Farm are leaving the airport in Ibiza carrying there luggage with one guy carrying a black bin liner full of his gear. When I was serving my time there was a forklift driver whio went abroad two or three times a year and Geordie always maintained that that is how he travelled  with the minimum of clothing in a bin liner. His reasoning being that it would be harder to lose a bin liner but if his luggage was lost he wouldn't lose much sleep over it.

Tomorrow is number 1 son's birthday. The BMX has been assembled and we will be celebrating by hopefully seeing the Diamonds victorious over local rivals Albion Rovers as it is derby day at the Excelsior Stadium where fourth place. A victory for Airdrie would see us back up to third in the league. although that would be joint third with the Rovers.

Have a good weekend people.

The Farm - Groovy Train (Rocky & Diesel mix)

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