Saturday 31 October 2015

Boy's Own Recordings - BOIX 7

After a couple of weeks off the chronicling of the influential dance label returns with a tune that will be familiar as the seventh release on the label is really just the remixes of the BOIX 6. Under the listing in Discogs there are four mixes two by Farley and Heller and one each by Steven 'Silk' Hurley and Slam, however the one I have is actually a white label catalogued BOXDJ 7 which only has the Farley and Heller mixes with an insert that states :-

" They (sic) are some injustices in life and one of 'em was this recor's failure to dent the '40'. Its (sic) too good a record to ignore however and fresh mixes from the Slam boys and Terry Farley + Pete Heller will ensure that this time it will happen! Heller and Farley's Boys Own Dubbier mixes will add power to your floor!"

That statement was less than prophetic, as although the mixes are double plus good they still failed to "dent the 40" and those outwith the housier clubs and not Boy's Own completists remained ignorant of the track and mixes.

DSK - What Would We Do (8 Minutes of Madness mix)

DSK - What Would We Do (Extra Heavy Club Dub)

DSK - What Would We Do (Slam mix)

It is Max's birthday today and unfortunately my son has just discovered gangster, I refuse to call it gangsta, rap. The house was shuddering to the sounds of NWA last weekend! There he is pictured to my car if I didn't have to shell out for him. Here's one of his favourites at the moment.

N.W.A. - Express Yourself


Walter said...

Happy birthday Max! And Drew, I hope it's just a period

Anonymous said...

loving this series. NWA, oh dear.

Echorich said...

The original Hurley mixes are among my all time favorites...there was a time where House music artists seemed to get everything right - yet didn't get half the recognition they deserved...Play this along with D'Bora's Dream About You, Those Guys - Tonite, Chez Damier - I Never Knew, Butch Quick - Always, Donnell Jones - Symphony, Shay Jones - Are You Gonna Be There and When Love Calls.