Monday 19 October 2015

Brush Strokes

This song has been going through my head since Wednesday. You probably won't get the connotations if you are under thirty five and/or outside the UK. Suffice to say I have spent another fucking holiday painting!

Dexy's Midnight Runners -  Because of You


The Swede said...

You're doing a fine job there sir. I absolutely hate decorating, but with a selection of choice tunes banging away in the background I find I can achieve a Zen Karl Howman state of conciousness. It doesn't do a thing for the quality of my work, which is still shockingly shoddy, but I enjoy it a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd been quiet.

You missed a bit, down there.
Swiss Adam

Jake Sniper said...

I'm actually banned from all decorating in our house (apart from Christmas lights) as I'm so bad at all of it, although some people believe it's been a cunning plan that I put into action as a child. Always been a favourite theme of mine, which I'll be whistling fpr days to come.