Sunday 25 October 2015

Keeping It Peel

I spent the last week or so wracking my brain about what to post for Keeping It Peel day and it appears that I need not have bothered as it doesn't look like anybody else is marking it this year in my little bit of the internet.. I will go ahead anyway, as on Friday it suddenly dawned on me when I opened the rather heavy package from Piccadilly records containing Central Belters the box set tracing twenty years of Mogwai. Twenty years, it doesn't feel like that amount of time has passed since I scoured Glasgow for a copy of New Paths To Helicon Pt1,  well it isn't really it's only eighteen years as that came out in 1997 but it is a long time. Anyway Mogwai recorded four sessions for the most important DJ this country has ever produced and some of the tracks can be found on the excellent Government Commissions compilation. I thought that I would post the amazing version of the tune mentioned above from the band's final session which came live from studio 4 at Maida Vale on 21-05-03.r.

I really miss Peel, that laconic wit, the records at the wrong speed and the mental "what the fuck is that?" tracks you would never hear anywhere else. No one else comes even close.

Mogwai - New Paths to Helicon Pt1

oh and I nearly forgot

John Peel - The Fall


George said...

John Peel: you're right there, Drew. I stoppped listening to the radio after his death, even Maconie and/or Radcliffe, just lost my enthusiasm for radio. I wonder if I'm alone?

Anonymous said...


Walter said...

Not at all George. @ Drew: Finally it was worth wracking your brain and posting this song. One of the best concerts I was at this year.

Anonymous said...

I just got my copy if central belters. For the next Three hours I will be uncontactable. Swc.

Dirk said...

W.T.F.!!!! I completely forgot about the date, shame on me!!!

Darcy said...

What Dirk said.

I think JP's son does a pretty good job of following in his father's footsteps. I am a fan of Gideon Coe but I have to say his slot sounds even better this week with Tom Ravenscroft sitting in. Like Peel he has that knack of playing completely unknown/leftfield/obscure sounds in genres of music I wouldn't ordinarily seek out that I find I like, and like JP he keeps me listening because I want to know what he's going to play next. Gid Coe can have that effect on me too but I find more recently I feel he is playing safe a bit more.