Monday 7 July 2014


That was a bloody quick week,  hot and dry for the most part but not long enough. I love Cornwall not so enthused about spending most of every day on the beach but the boys had a great time.

Here is a stormer of a northern track from Nat Hall which was released on the Loop label. Sadly I don't own a copy of the single, the last time a seven came up for sale on ebay it sold for seven hundred and ninety five U.S. for too rich for me. My version comes from the excellent fourth volume of "For Millionaires Only" from Goldmine which is well worth seeking out as are the other three in the series.

Nat Hall - Why (I Want To Know)


rntcj said...

Hi Drew,

Been following your Blog for about a year or so, & this song is a GREAT "new hear" here. Thanx! Maybe you could post some more songs from the "For Millionaires Only" comps if they're all as good/similar to this one. Also, need a bit more info about Nat Hall too. Contact here:


Ciao! For now.

drew said...

mtjc - thanks, I will be posting more tracks from those comps but you really should invest in them as evry track is a cracker