Friday 11 July 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

This week back at work has been hectic, I feel a bit swamped at the moment if the truth be known and as you will have noticed I haven't had a chance to post anything since Monday. On Tuesday I drove from Newcastle to Manchester for the first time, christ that took a while!

In other news the boys and I picked up our season tickets last night for the forthcoming Scottish First Division and I have to applaud the Airdrieonians Supporters Trust who have got together with Kit Aid, so that any under 16 who donated an old top or strip is given a free season ticket which saved me forty quid, it would have been eighty but the boys decided that they wanted the Airdrieonians rucksacks for  their school bags. I have higher  hopes this year than I have had for sometime  for the club's fortunes and I predicted that we will finish in the top half maybe even in the top three in May 2015.

The end of the previous paragraph may be down to sunstroke as the weather is still rather lovely up here, it reached 25 degrees in Lanark yesterday! So I think that a smooth,  slow bpm housed up cover of an Isley Brothers classic is the order of the day. Nicki Richards vocals featured on many of Frankie Knuckles tracks and here he remixes her first solo single released in 1991. The track also features Satoshi Tomiie on keyboards.

Have a good weekend people

Nicki Richards - Summer Breeze (Club mix)


Luca said...

It's a beautiful day here in Northern Italy as well. Probably i shouldn't, but I feel somewhat amused by your (and some other Scottish bloggers) reaction to the occurrence of sun and good climate. I mean, is the weather really that bad out there, usually?
That goes a long way in explaining why I always have no problem detecting the few Brits who happen to spend their holidays in the same place as me: while the natives chase the shadow and try to chill they're red as a tomato, happy standing still in the midday sunshine and getting slowly roasted to their hearts' content..
Thanks for the Nicki Richards tune, btw.

Anonymous said...

It's the depth of winter here, and a chilling 10deg C here in NZ......can't complain too much then???

drew said...

Luca, we don't consider it to be bad just what we are used to but we are not used to sustained periods of sunshine and ill-equipped to deal with it, us Scots are easy to spot as we are the light blue people, the northern English are the white and the slightly browner are the southern English.

Anon - I wouldn't be complaining much if I was in NZ either.