Monday 21 July 2014

My Sweet, Sweet Baby

I've got a busy week this week. Down to Leicester tomorrow for a couple of days, never been there before and know bugger all about the place apart from jug ears Lineker comes from there.

The Glories featured on the blog back in April and since then I have acquired a couple more of their singles. I am still on the hunt for a copy of their version of The Dark End Of The Street which for me blows James Carr's version out of the water. My Sweet, Sweet Baby is the stand out track of the ones which I have been able to find so far. According to Discogs the song only came out in 1968 as a promo on the Date label in the US, however  my copy is on the UK Direction which I think most records released in the States were issued on in the UK as they were both part of the Columbia/CBS group. No matter what this record has another outstanding lead vocal from Frankie Gearing. I could listen to this kind of stuff all day.

The Glories - My Sweet, Sweet Baby


george said...

Drew, re. Dark Ebd Of The Street, I'm afraid that you're wrong there, James Carrs version is better than The Glories

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find your April 'Glories' post, but if you want the song until you find the 45 I can forward an mp3.

I like it too, but have to agree with George. ;-)


drew said...

Marie, that would be great. Each to their own, Ot might be just because it is fresh to these ears that makes it my fave, as I have played Carr,s version for years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Drew,

Check your email for the Glories. I see your point - some songs, like the Carr, can become just a little too familiar.


gullybully said...

There is not too much to see in Leicester. However a good curry is not difficult to find.

drew said...

gullybully - the next time I will. After the 4 am rise and a full shift in the heat all I wanted was room service, air conditioning and bed.