Thursday 17 July 2014

Manics Make Good New Tune Shocker!

I haven't really listened to much of the Manic Street Preachers output over the past ten years well not in it's original form anyway and what I have heard of the latest release hasn't persuaded me to change this situation. That is, apart from the two Erol Alkan remixes released on Alkan's Phantasy label, although I suspect that they sound nothing like the original track unless the Manics have embrace full on that dance aspect that was never apparent in any of  their earlier stuff. The 12" single was a limited pressing of 300 which are no longer available, there are a couple on Discogs but you will need to be quick.

Only a Soundcloud for this as the copyright police have visited a couple of times recently and as the remixes can be purchased from Beatport I reckon they would come knocking again. Sorry. But the mixes are worth shelling out for.


Anonymous said...

I suspect this is good as it contains almost no Manics.

drew said...

You are most probably correct Ctel