Friday 18 July 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

It is glorious up here in the frozen north today. The sun is shinning, the weather is warm but there is a nice cooling breeze for those of us who melt in anything above 25 degrees. Not that I will see much of it being stuck in my cupboard I call an office but at least it is nicer than having to be cooped up in a stuffy sealed departure lounge at Birmingham airport for nearly an hour before being let back out into the relative comfort of the gates 1 to 20 Departure lounge. My flight home last night on Fly Maybe was delayed two fucking hours, hence the rant. And,  by the way a free complimentary half can of Pepsi Max does not make up for being told absolutely fuck all and having to watch the later flight to Glasgow leave before you! Just because you have the monopoly on flights to the Midlands doesn't mean you can treat people like shit.

I feel better now! Back to the music.

In this kind of weather I tend to reach for the Garage and Deep House. Today's track is an all time classic produce by David Morales and like last week's track features the keyboard skills of Sastoshi Tomiie . The song is credited to Robert Owens who has one of the sweetest voices in House music. The lyric apparently are the result of the aftermath of an argument between Owens and Morales with Owens singing "I'll be your friend" down the phone to the producer. Ironically my favourite mix is the Def Instrumental, however I will post both that mix and the original mix, so you can compare and contrast.

I'm off to see The Afghan Whigs tonight, a different beast entirely ut I am really looking forward to this one. Every time I have seen Greg Dulli in the past he has never been anything short of excellent but I never got to see the Whigs the first time round.

Have a good weekend people

Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend (Original Def mix)

Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend (Def Instrumental)

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Luca said...

One of the best house tunes ever. Have a good weekend too, Drew.