Thursday 1 May 2014

The Crown

I didn't buy much of Motown's output from the 80s, to be honest apart from today's track I don't think that I have anything else from this period still in my collection even if I did buy it.

I pulled The Crown from the cupboard where it was hiding last week, the first time it has had an airing in a few years I'm embarrassed to have to admit and after a good clean played it and can not fathom why I haven't played this in so long as it is so funky. I t had Max popping is head through the door and asking what it was.

Originally released in 1993 on Stevie Wonder's Wondirection in the States, fittingly as he wrote it played most of the instruments on it and also sang in it.  The US was not impressed and  the track was not a hit there unlike on  this side of the pond where it was released on Motown, and  reached number 6 in the charts. Clocking in at over ten minutes it was probably one of the longest hit singles if not the longest until the Blue Room by the Orb.

Gary Byrd and The G.B.  Experience - The Crown


Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

No less than epic this song. Haven't heard it since the 80's. Thanks for reminding.

Scott said...

We were just talking about this very song in the pub last night as part of a drunken chat about best songs of the 80's. Great song, all 10 plus minutes of it.