Friday 9 May 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

We conclude this short series on some of what in my opinion were some of the best releases from the Guerilla output of the early 90s with what for me is the label's head honcho, William Orbit's best single and utilises the vocal talents of Orbit collaborator Beth Orton. Water From A Vine Leaf came out in 1993  and the  twelve inch single included  three reconstructions of the original track from Strange Cargo 3. Two of the mixes are by Spooky both of which are quite trancey with a hint of squidgy acid thrown into the mix for good measure. The Xylem Flow mix is probably the best known as it was included in Sasha and Digweed's  Northern Exposure mix cd.

My favourite however, has to be Underworld's epic Underwater Mix Part One which is designed to do the business on the dancefloor.

Now that the football season is over, (Airdrie finished 6th in the league which is quite unbelievable) I fear that my weekends will comprise of more painting and other assorted DIY tasks that L no doubt already has planned for me. I would be lying through my back teeth if I said a was overjoyed at the prospect but it has to be done.

Have a good weekend people.

William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf (Underworld Underwater Mix Part1)


Luca said...

This one is great, thanks. Oh, and good work!

Darcy said...

Spooky. Saw a 12" of this in Sue Ryder earlier today (not sure which mix, mind). SR being SR all the vinyl is overpriced (certainly for a chazza). Minimum was £3. If it had been 50p I would have bought it. (they wanted £12 for a Slade album!

(The chazzas are a vinyl desert out there at the moment).

drew said...

It is good Luca.

Darcy - Oxfam music in Glasgow has become ridiculously over priced recently.

Charity Chic said...

The one in Victoria Road is usually a lot cheaper than the Byres Road one Drew

Echorich said...

Great series Drew! It is still my deep deep desire for a Billie Ray Martin album to be produced by William Orbit. Mind it would be the William Orbit pre Madonna, but I know he still has the goods to make the great woman's songs soar.