Monday 5 May 2014

Filthy Funk

How about a bit of sleazy deep funk for a bank holiday?

Not only is Monica's deep funk single more than a little suggestive it is probably the rarest single in this genre if not popular music as a whole, there is only one known original copy of the single in existence,  one less than Frank Wilson's Do I Love You (Indeed I Do).

As for Monica herself, there is absolutely nothing known about her at all and it appears that this is the only single that she ever recorded but what a single as the flip has an extremely funky version of Hold On, I'm Comin'.  Whoever she is and and wherever she resides she should be happy that she recorded this sizzling single.

Monica - Chauffeur


Anonymous said...

Hi, Look at the label, Athens Of The North belongs to DJ Fryer and his label is somehow related to Jazzman Records. That's as much as I know off the top of my head but she's not quite the orphan you suggest. His Soundcloud page is: for more groovy grooves.


drew said...

Hi Marlon,

Thanks for that. I read that Fryer's label boss pleaded with Ian Wright the owner of the only known original that he allow him to rerelease it on the off-shoot label.

Swiss Adam said...

Ooooh that's tasty. Ta Drew

Dirk said...

I've got this tune on a rather old and very useful compilation somewhere (Sister Funk) ... should drag it out again, I reckon! Great tune ...