Sunday 18 May 2014

Mellow Sunday

I played the album this comes from in it's entirety last night.  It is an album that I never seem to tire of, I love the moody downbeat almost forlorn nature of it.

I found Afterglow filed under A, as you would expect,  when I was looking for Classics by the Aphex Twin but it was strange as I was sure that it was in the 12"/album box, the one to grab in emergencies. So I checked out the box and lo and behold there is another copy in there. I must have bought a copy in a charity shop or online while drunk one night. This means that I now have four copies of the album, two on cd, one being the withdrawn one with the different artwork and running order and a further couple on vinyl.

I will admit that I had a bit of a thing for Dot Allison back then.

Dot Allison - Did I Imagine You.

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