Monday 26 May 2014

Get It From The Bottom

Another excellent track from the Date label. I don't know that much about the Steelers apart from the fact that the vocal group consisted of the three Wells brothers, Wez, Alonzo and George along with Leonard Truss and F. Allen and hailed from Chicago. They had released singles on a couple of labels prior to the release of Get It From The Bottom which became a minor hit nationwide in the US and from there they went on to release a further couple of singles on Epic which bombed and as far as I know that was that. I really like this upbeat  tune.

Apologies for the crackles, I really should replace my copy of this.

A bit of politics

I wasn't going to mention this but fuck it.   All you Londoners who are feeling smug and superior about not voting for Farage's fascists in the local elections just remember you voted for that "nasty piece of work" and clown Johnson. At the time of typing the European election results have not been declared, however I am sure that Ukip will do absolutely nothing is Scotland but I don't feel in the least superior,  I do feel quite troubled that all over Europe various unsavoury parties are gaining seats. My main worry now is vote no in the Scottish referendum and by default end up out of Europe in 2017 if these election results are anything to go by or vote yes for an independent nation and hope that we will be welcomed into the EU.

The Steelers - Get It From The Bottom


Charity Chic said...

Looks as though the Monster Raving Loonies may actually get a seat in Scotland Drew - I never saw that one coming.
One can only hope it is a protest vote and they will be a flash in the pan but I hae ma doubts.
The whole European question is becoming a bit of a worry

Luca said...

Fascism rears its ugly head all over Europe. Once again, it's putting homegrown poor against foreign poor, from country to country.
Divide et impera. Nothing new.

Anonymous said...

And now results are in we can safely say, by percentage of population, Scotland has just as many fuckwits as rUK.

'Mon the 18th and rid us of the shackles and let us be the rulers of our own destiny whatever that may reap.