Friday 2 May 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Today's dub house disco classic comes from the very proggy year of 1992. A year that a lot of us believed would usher in a new dawn with the end of Thatcherism after thirteen very cruel years.  At the time a lot of people were taking considerably more than their allotted amount of mind bending chemicals to be fair, (Neil Kinnock, Sheffield 1st of April 1992) so that misplaced optimism can be forgiven. What we ended up with was the very bland John Major and four years of nothing in particular, him being too preoccupied with secret trysts with Edwina Currie, boke!. But I digress.

I know nothing about S1000 and never felt the urge to find out anything about them as apart from the record posted today they only produced a further two singles which are okay but nothing to get overly excited about. I do love all 4 mixes of Flatliners but I think my favourite is stablemates D.O.P.'s mix. As the title suggests this track is a nod to the Keifer Sutherland and Julia Roberts film of the same name and contains vocal samples from it. The movie was released a couple of years prior to the record. Not a film I can comment on as I have never seen it.

This weekend heralds the last week of the Scottish Division One football season and I am hoping that Airdrie can end on a high with a home win against Arbroath extending the unbeaten run to sixteen games. What a difference six months and a determined manager makes.

Have a good weekend people.

S1000 - Flatliners (D.O.P. mix)

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