Tuesday 13 May 2014

Bloody Goths!

I've never been a huge fan of The Cure, it probably had as much to do with the fans maybe more than the actual band or the songs. Could never abide Goths, hated all that "woes me!" stuff, that fucking hunched walk, like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders and the sitting round the edge of the dancefloor in the union did my head in. It was the same with Morrissey fanboys back in the day clutching The Complete Works Of Oscar Wilde when they really should be reading Absolute Beginners, wearing fucking stretched washed out cardigans, they were teenagers for fuck's sake and all that "I'm really sensitive and would rather have a cup of tea with than sleep with you" shit.

But I had to admit, grudgingly that both the Cure and the Smiths produced some absolutely brilliant records. This single by Mr Smith and his unmerry band is one of my favourites.

I still believe that the hole in the ozone layer would not have happened if there hadn't been any Goths.

The Cure - a letter to elise (blue mix)


Dirk said...

Most probably you just say so because they never gave a fuck about you in your parka, right?

Ah well, I know the feeling ...

Echorich said...

Never joined the ranks of the sensitive boys that were Smiths fans, but I flirted with the Goths' fashions - who could really pass up a chance to wear black all the time - Never followed the hair trends of any of the scenes I indulged in - I was a long haired punk, an anorak post punk with a fringe ( in the US we called it a shag cut and I KNOW that doesn't work in the UK). But there is an awful lot of Goth music I love, it's an extension of the darker side of the post punk era and the fact that I have always been attracted to music with a mood and a mean bassline.

Simon said...

For a couple of years in my teens and early 20s the main women in my life were Goth. The Goths I knew were all the most normal ordinary, even boring people going. Meanwhile the mainstream people I knew were completely fucked up for the most part, violent, crazy drunk or drugged, whilst looking very normal as they walked down the street.

Until Es came along of course. And then people who scared the crap out of you because they were always an insult away from a rage were suddenly loved up.