Thursday 3 October 2013

Rejoice! New Fall Release Imminent

We haven't had anything from The Fall for ages and more disconcerting for me is the fact that I haven't listened to anything by them for some time. Have I fallen out of love with the gruppe, no but the last album didn't really grab me and recently there have been some very good releases vying for my attention. However, I have high hopes for the 6 track 10" released next week and it looks like a new album early in 2014. My self imposed ban on seeing them live is still in force.

Here is a track from the last album which I truly loved, the 2005 released Fall Heads Roll.

The Fall - What About Us


Anonymous said...

Looks like it will be available on CD too. I have still not got Ersatz GB. I think your review put me off. What do you know of the album Re-Mit? It seems to have been released earlier this year.
I think wires got crossed yesterday with you and Luca. Sorry. No offence was taken. I just don't know Limp Bizkit. (well, I am old!)

Luca said...

George, if you're reading this, I'm glad everything's sorted out.
But believe me, it's not that you're old or anything else, the problem is all mine.
The fact is, I like to play the fool, but at the same time I really don't want anybody to take offence for what I've said. That way, if the person I'm talking to doesn't get the joke, I feel I have to take into consideration the possibility that I have offended them, so out of (probably excessive) carefulness I immediately need to offer an apology. Actually, when I was writing this, I was starting to think that the above could be well described as passive-aggerssiveness on my part or, worse still, ISTJ!!

drew said...

Re-mit was okay, too much filler for me. I'm not sure I will be buying the new one on vinyl, Cherry Red want 14 quid for a 6 track 10" ep, fuck that.

Swiss Adam said...

I'm enjoying watching George and Luca repeatedly explain to each other with apologies. more of this please.

Swiss Adam said...

And, yes, rejoice, rejoice.

Fall Heads Roll was an excellent album.