Tuesday 1 October 2013

Heaven Knows

I have been trying to sort out the singles boxes over the long weekend. I can only get away with so many flight cases cluttering up L's dining room before she cracks up. So it has been an exercise in trying to keep the singles that I will more than likely want to listen to and banish to the cupboard those which are less likely to take up space on the turntable where they will languish with all the others that I can't quite bring myself to part with.

This has been quite an eye opener as there are quite a few 7" that I had forgotten that I owned and some others that I am less than likely to admit to owning having either being bought on a whim or when in an altered state of consciousness.

Today's track was one that wasn't that much of a surprise as I can remember buying it but I am not sure why I haven't played it more as it's a brilliant track.

Heaven Knows is credited to "Donna Summer with Brooklyn Dreams"  as the second vocal by Joe "Bean" Esposito of the band and the backing vocals are the other members of the band. It is a great song and probably my second favourite Donna Summer track after On The Radio. The single was released in 1978 when Summer was at the top of her game and reached number 4 in the US but a very disappointing 34 in the UK.

Donna Summer - Heaven Knows  


davyh said...

The 17 minute plus 'MacArthur Park Suite' with this in (MacArthur Park/One Of A Kind/Heaven Knows/MacArthur Park [Reprise]), OMGA,that's a flippin' MONSTER.

Swiss Adam said...

That is very disco.

Darcy said...

I have always loved Donna's voice. She was underrated I think and always somewhat tarnished with the Disco brush. Agree with On The Radio, and the Four Seasons Of Love LP does it for me too.