Sunday 11 August 2013

What's In Yir Box? X

A couple of weeks I said that the posting for W was the penultimate post in this series, at the time it was but now this is the second last post as in the last two weeks I was successful in finding a reasonably priced copy of a single that has to go straight into box but more of that next week.

As far as the Xs are concerned there is only one group that I have in this category and this time last year all of their singles were in the box but just before the start of this feature I decided to limit them to two singles in the box.

I came quite late to the xx as the hype from the NME in particular but basically everywhere put me off and I didn't even listen to them. They seemed to me to be the latest band of LDN hipsters and therefore their music would be of about as much relevance to me as any of the other bands the NME had hyped up to astronomical proportions over the previous few years. That was until I heard the forth single, or more accurately clicked on a link on someone's blog to the video for VCR. I did not expect what I heard, there was something in the sparseness of the song that really caught my attention, it reminded me of Your Silent Face, not that it sounded anything like the New Order classic but something in the coldness but not uncomfortable coldness of the track which is similar. Anyway, enough with the analysis shit, I realised that this was a group that I had misjudged and it was time to go back and listen to their previous releases and I have subsequently become a bit obsessed with The xx and an avid collector of their too limited, over priced remix 12" singles.

The other single by the band that has remained in the box with VCR is the Tour ep which consists of the band's interpretation of Hot Like Fire by Aaliyah, Do You Mind by Paleface ft Kyla, Teardrops by Womack & Womack and Blood Red Moon, apparently by Sandra D but I have never heard it. I am a sucker for cover versions and absolutely love all the tracks on this even the one I didn't know before hand.

So that was the Xs.

The xx - VCR
The xx - Tour ep

The xx - Do You Mind


dickvandyke said...

Surprised there's no XTC in yer box.
Or a Germ Free Adolescent.

e.f. bartlam said...