Thursday 22 August 2013

Covers Week Part 4

During the mid and late 80s quite a few tracks came out that went on to become favourites of mine that due to my ignorance I was not aware were covers, no world wide wide to consult back then and for some of these tracks it took the coming of the internet if not to find out that the tracks were covers but to hear them for the first time. As I type this I can only think of one other example apart from the track being posted but there were quite a few others and when I remember what they are I will update this post.

As mentioned above today's track is one of those tracks, more than that it was a track that I heard frequently at Scooter Club dances during the late 80s and subsequently forgot all about until Dirk over at Sexy Loser posted today's track in May last year. Since then it has been nagging away in the back of my head until a couple of months ago I decided that I had to buy the 12" single that it was included on.

I'm In Pittsburgh (and It's Raining) was first recorded by The Outcasts,  an American garage band in 1966.  It was covered by The Vibes and released on their "The Inner Wardrobes Of Your Mind" 12 inch single nineteen years later,  was a favourite with the bequiffed,  bowling shirt and creeper attired brigade within the scootering fraternity and probably caused much carnage on the dancefloor.

Itis a belter of a song, the original is good but this is so much better.

The Vibes - I'm In Pittsburgh (And it's Raining)


Simon said...

I'm presuming you know this blog and it's many treasures:

Dirk said...

Holy shit ... I never knew it was a cover!! And congratulations on getting hold of the record!

drew said...

I wasn't Simon, cheers!

Everyday's a school day Dirk. The rest of the ep is okay but this is the gem

Swiss Adam said...

Top stuff Drew.

George said...

Fabulous track. "I hear noises" is also a belter. Tremendous post today. If I didn't already have the 12" I would download this (and if I had a better connection than that provided by this dongle). Looking forward to tomorrow's.

Scott said...

Great choice. Haven't heard this in years. Number 37 in the Festive 50 in '85 if my memory serves me well. Just away to dust down that bowling shirt..