Friday 23 August 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Finding a dance track that I have that fitted in with the covers theme and that I had not posted before proved to be a bit of a problem last night. Could I think of any? No I'm sure that I have more than the Ballistic Brothers interpretation of  A Love Supreme, Secret Life's version of As Always and Fire Island and Loleatta Holloway doing the Style Council but for the life of me last night I couldn't think of any. Every time I thought of something and pulled it out it turned out to be just a track based around a sample, like the Audio Bullys liberal sampling of one of my favourite Nancy Sinatra songs or that thing on FFRR which used loads of Blue Monday but called it How Does It Feel.

Eventually I stumbled upon Jon Carter's version of a Creedence Clearwater Revival track, not sure that this constitutes a dance record but Monkey Mafia did produce dance tunes, the 12" is filed in with the dance and I couldn't be arsed searching anymore, so it will have to do. So you have to just shuffle along to it or even just do the head nodding muso thing.

Have a good weekend people.

Tonight I'm off to see my team getting humped by the Huns for what won't be the last time this season, so the weekend can only get better. Still I will get to see the Excelsior full for the first time and the club will get some cash out of it.

Monkey Mafia - As Long As I Can See The Light


Swiss Adam said...

Love this song and version. And, hey, you might beat 'em.

Jimmy said...

just watched it on BT 6 breakaways!!!

drew said...

We just fell apart after half time Jimmy. Good to see the stadium full. There will be 9400 less next home game,

Anonymous said...

yup, I love this version too.


Walter said...

Great version of this song, love it too. Hope your team won. Cheers, a hun