Monday 19 August 2013

Covers Week Part 1

I love a cover version I do, so I thought that maybe I could do a week of posts of some of my favourite reinterpretations, I suspect that I could do a month of posts no problem as I used to have a playlist of the covers I liked best  that had more than forty songs before the last Itunes upgrade which wiped all my playlists.

When it comes to cover versions soul music is a tricky category to get involved in,  as over the years there have been tracks that I have thought for were the original versions but have turned out to be covers and not just the first group to have thought "that's a good tune, were having that" and on a couple of occasions the reverse has been true.

So, as far as today's track is concerned I think that it was first recorded in 1968 by the O'Jays as a b-side to Look Over Your Shoulder and has since been covered by quite a few acts, I have three different interpretations but I think that the version posted by Linda Jones and the Whatnauts is the definitive one. It has just the most amazing vocal performance by one of the best soul singers ever. This was a track that was championed by Ian Levine at the Blackpool Mecca and I believe was released posthumously as Jones died on 14th March 1972, between matinee and evening shows at the Apollo in Harlem, at the age of 27.

If this was the only song that she left, it would be enough, however although not commercially successful, she did leave a pretty impressive back catalogue of songs which you should check out.

Linda Jones & The Whatnauts - I'm So Glad I Found You

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