Tuesday 20 August 2013

Covers Week Part 2

On the back of John Wilson's interview with the three surviving members of the Clash and archives of Joe Strummer on Front Row a couple of Friday's ago. I sat down the following day and listened to London Calling in it's entirety for the first time in ages, only getting up out of my chair to flip over and then change the vinyl. The album is still brilliant and still contains no filler. Last Tuesday I repeated the pleasure and have listened to it through several more times on the mp3 player and computer since then and have come to the conclusion that this is my favourite album.

Which brings me to today's track, there aren't many good covers of Clash songs, check out the Manics version of Train In Vain as evidence. There are plenty of good Clash covers, with the exception of Every Little Bit Hurts from The Clash On Broadway album which I have never been able to warm to but I digress. The version of Lost In The Supermarket by The Afghan Whigs is one cover which I think is pretty good, not radically different or anything, I like Dulli's and the backing singers vocals. It comes from a tribute covers album called Burning London which has the likes of No Doubt, Moby and The Indigo Girls covering some of Stummer and Jones' tunes none of which I can remember being any good apart from Dulli's effort.

The Afghan Whigs - Lost In The Supermarket


Swiss Adam said...

I like the way they use the Train In Vain drumbeat on this

George said...

I can't download anything..no fast broadband yet...like the series and looking forward to the rest of the instalments