Wednesday 21 August 2013

Covers Week Part 3

I'm not really that fond of covers of New Order tunes, at the moment I can only think of another one that I like other than the song I am going to post and it is of the same song.

Jeremy Warmsley's version of Temptation was released as a double a-side with The Boat Song on Transgressive Records in 2008. I don't really know that much about Warmsley but I do love this version of New Order's forth single. Again like yesterday it is not radically different to the original, a bit of a faster tempo but I love the sound of the piano and it sounds as if Warmsley is really enjoying performing the song.

Jeremy Warmsley - Temptation

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jc said...

You know I'm also a sucker for cover versions. I thought I had all of the good versions of Temptation but this is one I wasn't aware of.....Cheers!