Wednesday 27 February 2013

The Captain

Anyone fancy a bit of Australian Country and Western?

I first heard Kasey Chambers via Jon In The Morning on KEXP  which was my saviour when I was office bound during the early noughties.

The Captain was the title track to Chambers first album. Since then she has released a further seven albums but I haven't got anything further than the second album Barricades and Brickwalls.

Kasey Chambers - The Captain.


Someone Said said...

She was someone who I thought would break big. Saw her live twice, the first was opening for Lucinda Williams and she blew her off the stage. After that she had a Faith Hill stage. Last I heard she was doing acoustic material with her husband.

Charity Chic said...

I'm in the same boat as you Drew - I've got the first two albums and they are both excellent especially the first one.
Have a few tracks downloaded from Rattling Bones with Shane Nicolson who I assume given SS's comments is her hubby
I saw her at the 13th Note - very good as I recall
Good to here some more alt country!