Wednesday 20 February 2013

Never Too Late To Learn How To Live

It appears that northern soul singles are not the only pieces of vinyl that you are expected to pay a small fortune for these days. When I was looking at Discogs to find out when the ep that today's track comes from was released I was stunned that the only copy of the Holloway Sweethearts ep for sale had a price of eighty quid on it. It's a very good ep and The Kids At The Club is an excellent piece of indie pop but I'm not sure that it's worth that kind of money.

by the way, it was released in 1994, so when Blur and Oasis were doing what they did, there was some decent indie music being released.

Comet Gain - The Kids At The Club


Artog said...

I started entering my collection on Discogs last week and like you was astonished by some of the prices on there. Some I reckon are just bollocks (Thee Headcoatees Sisters Of Suave going for over £120), but others, after a bit of looking around, seem plausible.

While I'm generally reluctant to flog my records I think I could bear to part with the Buena Vista Social Club album for £120 or so. And I noticed that Swedish Indie vinyl from ten to twenty years ago is priced sky high. Kippers must be worth a mint.

drew said...

I would flog the Buena Visita Social Club, if I were you Artog.

I thought about trying to offload the few bits of Swedish indie that I have but I know that I would regret it later on.