Friday 15 February 2013

RIP George 'Shadow' Morton

03 September 1940 - 14 February 2013

Ellie Greenwich - Baby


davyh said...


dickvandyke said...

Didn't know about this - and strangely enough I've been listening to many Shangri-Las songs whilst walking in the park this afternoon. Was thinking just how well produced it all was.

Also incredible how young he was when working on their magical early stuff. Didnt get much of Spector's limelight at the time.

Swiss Adam said...

Not heard this before- very good it is too.

drew said...

It's good SA, very difficult to find on vinyl, mine's a single sided boot, which means I don't have the even better You Don't Know.

DVD, I hadn't realised he was so young either, the name Shadow Morton, sort of conjured up an idea of a middle aged impresario in my head.