Friday 15 February 2013

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I spent a few hours on Saturday searching through the dance 12" singles which are all stored in my office on shelves that are very soon (next pay day) going to be housed in an Expedit unit, as a result of Swiss Adam's weekend posts. I found a few things that I had forgotten about, some others that I don't remember buying and others I asked myself "why the fuck did you buy that?"

Today's track comes from a Nottingham label, T:me that I started to buy during the second half of 1992. These distinctive orange labelled pieces of vinyl in black sleeves whose title seemed to reflect the month of release,  for example 0692,  contained music from artists that I had never heard of but there was always at least one track that was good enough for me to buy the next instalment. I heard Moodswings, Spiritual High for the first time on one of these compilations.

The music was very much of it's time, not in that it is dated but it is progressive house,  my genre of choice at the time.

Today's track first appeared on 0193 and was credited to IPG, however later the track and a myriad of mixes all built upon the original 22 second baseline was released under the title of the D*****land ep by Unknown Artist. The mixes range in style from progressive house to ambient but my favourite is still the original one which is called the IPG mix on the ep.

Have a listen and see what you think. I think that it still sounds good, twenty years later.

Have a good weekend people.

Unknown Artist - D*****land (IPG mix)

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