Saturday 23 February 2013

By Your Side

This post was going to be about going from smooth 70s soul to super smooth, smoother than Trevor Nelson's napper 80s coffee table soul in the form of Sade but I have kind of fucked up as the track that I've picked isn't really that smooth. It is however brilliant,  sort of your best red wine for the ears  in as much as it results in the same warm glow as when you neck a bottle of Chateau Cissac.


Sade - By Your Side

photie for Dirk


dickvandyke said...

Gratuitous use of red wine. Marvellous.

davyh said...

I remember you saying you liked this one.

The 'Lover's Rock' album for me = always...warm Ibizan nights when the girls were little, sipping cheap lovely Rioja from the supermercado with Mrs H.

Swiss Adam said...


The photo I mean.

Dirk said...

Oh Cheers, Drew! You made my morning, man!