Sunday 10 February 2013

It's been a bloody awful weekend so far. Yesterday Airdrie got royally humped in what is probably the most inept performance that I have ever seen from them and that is saying something. Then last night my lovely red listening chair bit the dust and according to the online IKEA catalogue is irreplaceable. This has caused me some distress. I can't even take a picture to show the damage as when I tried to the camera informed me that it has a focus error which I think means that it is basically fucked as well!

Above is a picture of the chair in happier times.

Here is a track from a band that I have spent many an hour listening to on that chair.

The Velvet Underground - What Goes On (Live 1969)


Artog said...

My commiserations Drew, I remember how I felt when my listening chair fell to bits. Still, every can be on the look out for a bigger, better chair. One with nice wide wooden arms, for balancing a drink on and drumming your fingers against.

Swiss Adam said...

I feel your pain Drew. Have spent the weekend re-shelving and restoring records, including a trip to Ikea, due to damp in the alcove they've been in previously. This has led to a whole load of reorganising. But at least the records are safe.

drew said...

Artog - been looking for a replacement but it will not be the same.

Hope all of the covers are okay SA.