Sunday 23 December 2012

The Vocal Version Of The Original Instrumental

Way back at the beginning of November I had to rush out an emergency prescription for a severe dose of Christopher Crossitis which was then afflicting The Ghost Of Electricity. I thought that the best course of medication would be an hourly dose of a particularly classy RicTic instrumental by Al Kent.

Since then I have discovered, sought out and purchased a vocal version of said record. Recorded by Gloria Taylor in Nashville and released on the Silver Fox label, which incidentally was owned by Lelan Rogers, brother of country star Kenny. I'm not sure if the vocal adds that much to the track, Ms Taylor certainly has a good voice, maybe it's just the fact that I knew the instrumental version first.

Gloria Taylor - You Got To Pay The Price

* I have started copying Darcy by trying to photograph the actual single while playing rather than just showing the label.


Darcy said...

Have you heard Gloria (Ann) Taylor's 70s output on Selector Sound (one time husband Walt Whisenhunt's label apparently). It has a real downer feel, almost disturbing, but is totally compelling - and much of it is rare :(

I don't know why I didn't try snapping the record on the turntable before, much easier than scanning it. I was surprised it comes out so clearly while spinning though.

drew said...

Haven't heard her 70s stuff but will seek it out. I recently purchased Grounded where she uses her considerable voice to great effect.