Friday 14 December 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I was sure that I had posted this track at least once and possibly a couple of times but on checking last night it appears not.

As I have mentioned before in around 2002/2003 I sort of fell out of love with dance music, decided that I was too old for that sort of thing and it was time to get sensible.

Also around this time I read an article about this amazing new personal stereo made by Apple which could hold a couple of thousand tracks which I knew that I would have to have.

Early in 2003 I noticed that there was going to be a record fair in the SECC in Glasgow and I decided that I would part with some of dance music which would fund this new iPod thing. I started sifting thrrough the 12" singles and hit on the idea of selling off a couple of the label collections I had including the Soma, Junior Boys Own and Mo Wax. I had coollected these labels from the outset and had the first 24 Soma twelves about the same from Junior Boy's Own and most of the first seventy or so Mo Wax records. I took out the things that I just couldn't bear to part with such as thee first four Soma Releases, some of the JBO stuff including the Dust Brothers, Rez and the like and about quite a few Mo Wax releases including, In Flux, Breaking Boundaries and Messing Up Heads and today's posting but strangely after looking last night I must have included the remix twelve of that.

Clubbed To Death was the thirty seventh release  from James Lavelle's label and came out in 1995 and came in a myriad of mixes over two 12" single and cd. The mix posted is mix #1.

I still smart when I think of selling those bits of vinyl and wonder to this day why I didn't just put the iPod on the plastic.

Have a good weekend people and if out be careful out there, there are a lot of amateur drinkers out and about this time of year.

Rob D - Clubbed To Death (first mix)


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Anonymous said...

drew i have a vague recollection of what you look like having met you briefly @ the flying duck a year or two ago so could you tell me & your avid readers is that you in the pic on the wheels of steel ?

son of the rock

davyh said...

'A lot of amateur drinkers out and about' - brilliant.

SotR: I can confirm that Drew has the physique of a racing snake and so cannot possibly be the broader-beamed gentleman at the 'decks'.

drew said...

SotR - As we now have no office in Scotland,unfortunately office shenanigans are out of the question and I think that the last person who would be asked to dj is me anyway, as they think that I'm into "weird music" and don't get the gigging thing.

The airport was very quiet on Wednesday morning.

Mr H - thanks but both you and me know I have the physique of a burst couch.

ANON - good to have you back

Swiss Adam said...

Selling vinyl- always an expensive mistake.

That does look like a cracking office party.

Anonymous said...

cracking tune